Quiet Time!

We live in a fast paced word that is getting faster every single day. World news, events, happenings, gossip and whatever else is available in an instant via our cell

Natural Hair. Natural Being.

This is probably my favorite picture. It captures one of my “pamper me” days. I wash my hair, indulge in several Lily Rose skin treatments and rituals and walk around

Married Men: Go Home!

I am interestingly social and extremely private at the same time. One of my businesses, Lily Rose Productions, require that I am out more than I want to be. No


 Memory is defined as the ability to retrieve and recover information about past events or knowledge. It is the process of recovering information and includes cognitive reconstruction. The brain attempts

2019 Starts….NOW!!

  TEN…NINE…EIGHT…SEVEN…SIX…FIVE…FOUR…THREE…TWO…ONE…!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Right after the kisses, whistles, toasting of champagne, cheering and yelling comes the sigh of relief that one year is over and another one has begun.

One of those days!

Hundreds of you all are with me today. Reading. Thank you. Six countries are plugged in right now. So, between this blog and Twitter I am firing on all cylinders.


So if any of you are on the fence about whether or not to entertain a deadbeat so the child can at least see them, get off the fence. Listen to how damn silly that sounds. When is a deadbeat ever good?


We love to give and we give year round but THIS TIME OF YEAR, we get to put some EXTRA on it. We will be giving away gift certificates, Hannah

Watch Your Back!!

Textbooks. Laptops. Backpacks. Book bags. Computer bags. Briefcases. Purses. HEAVY WEIGHTS. Heavy weight that can eventually, over an extended period of time, damage your back and affect your mobility. Keep

Follow Us on Twitter!

Hey Word Press Family. Our new Twitter Page is up and running. Follow us to be in the know! We will be sponsoring a family for the holidays. Toys, Toys,


Let’s be real. People, for the most part don’t like to be told what to do. Usually we seek advice when our backs are up against the wall or when