No Distance in the Spirit

No distance in the Spirit is a spiritual law. It is evident in the scriptures throughout the text. I have normally experienced it in my relationship with Holy Omniscient God.

Fresh Manna

Manna is the substance miraculously provided by God to the Israelite’s when they were escaping the bondage of Egypt. The wondrous thing about it was that if fell from heaven

Just Laugh

The purpose of the foolish is entertainment. Laugh and laugh often. -Dana Lena’ Penning it All

Gentle Lion Artistic Expression

Hannah Alexandria Perry makes her artistic drawing debut with Gentle Lion. At just eleven years old, she encourages us to pursue all of our God given talents and abilities. Hannah’s

Light Stung Eyes

Sometimes the sunlight is so bright that it stings our eyes It hurts a little and we have to turn away because it can be painfully temporarily blinding That is

Free and Free

I am the freest I have ever been Being fully who I am I do not have to censor my being, my tongue or my soul I attribute this awakening


In our political climate, it takes determination to stay positive, hopeful and healthy. This is a gently reminder to see the beauty…

New Name New Vision

The journey of a writer is an exhilarating one. I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and writing is not only apart of who