Poetry In Motion

I do not want another name on my lips Or my tears to fall on another chest I do not want another lover No one else will know me our

Why Lent!!!??? Not AGAIN….

Do less of this! Do more of that! Definitely don’t think this, and don’t be caught saying that! Don’t eat this, don’t wear that, don’t listen to this and don’t be

Girl Space!

Ya’ll already know that I am a champion for companionship and covenant relationships. Equitable partnerships are beautiful and we benefit from suitable companions who positively contribute beyond measure to our

No Second Date!

It was about 8 years ago when I met a man I will refer to as Tom. We glanced at each other at the light as I pulled up to


When we are leaving a love It is natural 2 feel as if we may never love “that way” again Our heart remembers the last memory….almost always fondly Regardless of

Your Comfort Zone SUCKS!!!

It is pleasant. It is warm and cozy. It is where you are, have always been and will continue to stay because there is no risk of hurt, disappointment, failure

Quiet Time!

We live in a fast paced word that is getting faster every single day. World news, events, happenings, gossip and whatever else is available in an instant via our cell

Natural Hair. Natural Being.

This is probably my favorite picture. It captures one of my “pamper me” days. I wash my hair, indulge in several Lily Rose skin treatments and rituals and walk around

Married Men: Go Home!

I am interestingly social and extremely private at the same time. One of my businesses, Lily Rose Productions, require that I am out more than I want to be. No


 Memory is defined as the ability to retrieve and recover information about past events or knowledge. It is the process of recovering information and includes cognitive reconstruction. The brain attempts

2019 Starts….NOW!!

  TEN…NINE…EIGHT…SEVEN…SIX…FIVE…FOUR…THREE…TWO…ONE…!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Right after the kisses, whistles, toasting of champagne, cheering and yelling comes the sigh of relief that one year is over and another one has begun.

One of those days!

Hundreds of you all are with me today. Reading. Thank you. Six countries are plugged in right now. So, between this blog and Twitter I am firing on all cylinders.