About ME

I am many things. A woman. A mother. A partner. A sister. A friend. I am a wanderer, a drifter if you will. It is my thirst for truth that keeps me seeking, exploring and stumbling upon things and over them.

I relish freedom and that is probably why I am naked most of the time. Literally. If I have on clothes it is only because social norms require it and the threat of an indecent exposure arrest is only a 911 call away.

Melanin woman naked in the board room, not a good “professional” look but I assure you I look amazing. Western civilization really needs to get over their immaturity as it relates to the naked body.

What also keeps me wandering is my insatiable need for the truth and to stand in the light. Not faux light that emits from cheap living and delusional being. But God light. Light that only comes when divine beings connect with divine God in the spirit of absolute truth in a pure way.

Absolute truth…awwww. That pesky word, absolute. Most people prefer relative truth. That is a “in a moment ” or a day by day evaluation that is shaped to suit individual pleasures and desires. That is elusive and fleeing. The lesser light that dims when the SUN shines… like solar lights going off when the sun comes up.

Yeah. That.

I have no interest in that.

Penned is Dana Lena’ 2019 and beyond. Sharing my experiences, lessons, thoughts, contradictions and revelations. As I move closer to unadulterated freedom, I am thrilled that thousands of people online are sharing their sacred mind space with me along with the treasured beings I touch and feel daily.

One of my most relished freedoms is my desire and ability to live transparently, without filters. Honesty is not always received well and some people have been wounded by it. For that, I regret that I wasn’t thoughtful enough to deliver the message in a way that did not hurt the people I love.

Nevertheless, I continue to press on with determination and an obligation to remain true to my personal constitution and values. Immovable. Unshakable. Undeniable. Open

Wide frucking open.

Sharing it all as I wander.

I will fall. No doubt. But rest assured, I am getting up and I may be bruised but I assure you I can see and see clearly!

Dana Lena’

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