Toxic Masculinity is Killing Men

Ya’ll know I am a RA RA Girl Power chic but every now and again, Spirit lays something on my heart for men.

A few minutes ago, I called to check on a dear friend who just had major surgery. He was in ICU for a week and is home now and in tremendous pain. When we spoke, he said he was trying to be a MANLY MAN and not take his pain medicine, but broke down and had to because he could not sleep.

I encouraged my dear friend, to let go of Toxic Masculinity and just be a full human. Allow himself to feel how he feels and address those feelings rationally and with grace. I encouraged him to give himself permission to be and to be honest and that BEING and HONESTY are incapable of “bad” or unacceptable.

I told him that women do not have a monopoly on self-love, self-care, or healing. We do not own it. It is every humans birthright. I admonished him to be gracious and gentle with his temple. To treat it with more luxurious care than King Solomon did when he was building Israel’s temple.

I encouraged him to be gentle with himself and allow time for healing, and while he is healing be open to discovery. As he sits and transitions out of that pain, hear the body’s lessons and the soul’s whispers. Heed the message in the misery and elevate consciousness.

It is not humanly to deny the truth. Can we get past what is manly and what is womanly and just BE who we are without pomp and circumstance? Without posturing and pretending? Putting on and taking off? We are souls and spirits with a gender.

We are not genders.

That is my desire for us all. Especially men. Especially, especially my son.

I hope that I am creating a sanctuary where my son’s spirit will soar and my daughter’s spirit will soar and they both connect intimately with partners who have done the human work and their souls are free so no one is looking at either of them saying “why are you in pain? Why are you addressing and tending to your pain? Man up. Woman Up.

I hope I am doing my part to raise the vibrations around them and transfer the energy into their beings as I lay hands on them naturally. As I lay hands spiritually, I pray that those I touch cyberly, will release what is toxic and embrace and honor what is true. Just BE without judgment, limitations, boxes, confinements, scripts, or social democracy. Just BE and relish in the beauty of who that is.

Let BEING advise you and silence the critic that is your indoctrinated mind.

Free yourself people.

-Dana Lena’


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