Pro Women not Anti Men

Some people take my strong pro woman stand as opposition to men and nothing is further from the truth.

Men have a place. Men are needed. They have a role. I love them when they are on the right side of right. However, I am called to remind woman who the f she is.

My place in this world is to lift her up and let her know she can do it with him and she can do it without him. He ain’t oxygen and Toni Braxton got that “will never breath again” wrong.

We are our own rescue. Get your spirit right. Get your paper together. Own your own home(s) and own your life.

Ideally, we should be able to love someone as we evolve and actualize but we ain’t falling out dying if he doesn’t have that act right. I will never tell a woman to accept mistreatment for company and will always admonish her to have her self together because women who don’t are victims.


-Dana Lena’


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