An Open Letter to my Daughter:

My beloved Hannah,

I look at you and I am in awe of the soul that you are. You have the sweetest spirit of anyone I know. As you prepare for high school, I want you to hold on to your footing. Protect your innocence. Continue to enjoy your morning cartoons and hot chocolate. Most girls your age are not. Their souls have been snatched by the perversity of this world. Their purity stolen from them by some dude their mother probably brought home. Their beauty hidden behind cosmetics and lace fronts never courageous enough to take it all off and just be.

Their spirits are being raped by vile imagery, and their minds corrupted with lyrics and idealogy not fit for diseased dogs.

Resist any pressure to conform to pop culture’s lost woman.

I know it may appear to be intriguing. That hot girl life but trust me they never allow anyone to see those tears they cry at night. You are sweet, beautiful, talented, and loved. Everyone I have allowed to be close to you adores you. That is on purpose.

Decide the woman you want to be and become her. Unapologetically. But right now, I want you to focus on being a 14-year-old carefree girl. Silly, fun, curious, adventurous. Free.

There are a few things I want you to remember:

  1. You are a temple.
  2. You are the feminine expression of God.
  3. Some stuff is just beneath you. Be alright with that.
  4. Do not ever allow anyone to mishandle or mistreat you.
  5. Boys are distractions. Talk to your Dad about their treachery. He was once a boy. Believe everything he tells you about them.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of our lives and sharing more tender moments with you. You are growing up but you will always, forever be my babygirl and I will hold you in my arms and heart forever.


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