Children Deserve…Give It!

I saw a post today on social media that really infuriated me. A woman posted that her father’s daughter stood her up for the Father-Daughter dance. Again. Let’s be clear, fathers do not stand children up so please stop referring to males who do as such.

Secondly, why was he afforded the opportunity of AGAIN?

Custodial parents are to be first and foremost protectors of our children. We are to make sure they are SAFE and provided for. Males who leave their sperm in women, which results in pregnancy does not make them fathers. If that seed is developed and becomes a child, delivered in term, that beautiful baby has two people who are legally responsible for their provision (child support). The rest is to be determined.

Parenting is the evolution that happens when the decision is made to be a parent. That decision is reinforced with deliberate action in the spirit of love. Parents, parent without excuse.


I left Sis a little note admonishing her to close the door to the deadbeat. He is no father and does not deserve, neither is he entitled to access to this beautiful little girl. He does not have a right to lie to her, disappoint her, wound her, or leave her in a perpetual state of abandonment.

Family Court has it wrong with all of its “preserving the rights of biologicals” grandstanding. Children excel when they are loved. That love can come from anyone.

This “he” does not have the right to destroy her spirit by exposing her to his toxic, wounded and demented energy. It is time for her to abandon him and any hope that he can be anything more than what he is. His failed parenting experiment is not her case to study.

My daughter’s DAD says all the time that a man who forsakes his own seed, is an unredeemable nutcase never to be trusted with anything of value because nothing and no one is more valuable than his children. If he mismanages that, he is indeed an infidel and will surely mismanage the rest of his life.

Another man expressed a similar conviction adding that there is a man who would be honored to love, support, encourage, and be present for her and strongly encouraged her to shut the door to this emotional abuse.

I say this all the time. Close the door on the curse and open the door to the blessing. A man who walks out of a child’s life is no man and he does not deserve endless chances.

Let us normalize healthy lives for our children. Teach them self-respect and dignity and to never settle for emotional violence regardless of who is serving it.

~Dana Lena’


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