Love Language 911

Everyone has an emotional love language. Simply defined, it is the way in which we receive the love we need to thrive.

Some say we have a responsibility to communicate our love language to our partners and then determine whether or not they have the capacity to deliver. I disagree with this notion because that is work. Having to “deliver” something is work. No one should have to “work” to love and be loved.

These folks may be able to carve out survival on the Universe’s oxygen machine, but that is no way to live.

I say the key is to partner with a person who loves in our love language effortlessly. Without provocation, a TED Talk or Katies’s whiteboard. The love is just easy. Satisfying. Healing. Inspirational. Motivational. Supportive. Accountable. Honest. Erotic.

It just drips off the tip of the tongue.

Literally and figuratively.

-Dana Lena’


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