Price of Admission

Inconsistency is the passive aggressive way of saying “it is just not important enough to…”

People are where they want to be and they absolutely do what they want to do. Some are wholly committed to who they are and what they want and others string themselves and other folks along.

Words are meaningless. Actions are the only thing that matter.

Be committed to what is best for you unapologetically and get to the place in your soul where what you need, want and desire is given liberally.

Be exceptionally good to yourself first and others will either follow suit or get out of your way. Determine what the price of admission is for your life, your energy, your time, your commitment, your comfort, your laughter, your joy and your love.

I promise that what you want and need will manifest as soon as you get the clutter out of it’s way.

-Dana Lena’


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