Seated in my Soul

Seated in the seat of my soul is one of my sacred and beautiful places.

I arrive naked, vulnerable and exposed. Ready to see what I see, and uncover what lies beneath pieces of man made garments and layers of cosmetics designed to cover imperfections as opposed to celebrating them .

I come to this place prepared to take off any and everything that does not serve me, lift me, empower me and please me.

Releasing entanglements to societal norms, expectations, whims and limitations imposed on female beings. Allowing myself to find my own way. The way that honors my whole being without unreasonable compromises and conformities. The way that lights my path, feeds my spirit and whispers encouragement in my ear.

Coming into more of myself each and every time.

Feeling myself out and filling myself up with the powerful energy of self love and acceptance and the beautiful gift of knowing.

-Dana Lena’


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