Rihanna’s Love Lesson

When it was announced that Rihanna had left her billionaire tycoon boyfriend for ASAP Rocky, I glanced and kept right on minding my business.

After constantly seeing pictures of them and hearing interview clips on the WWW, as I was scrolling for something else; I began to tune in because so many women are struggling to find REAL love and I wondered if Rihanna was unknowingly teaching women, black women in particular something about love.

So many people have something to say about ASAP Rocky’s money not being long enough and his look being too “street” for the billionaire Queen of every damn thing but the smile on her face, the peace radiating from her being, and that “glow” tells a different story.

My takeaway is a self-made woman doesn’t need anything from a man but pure love, truth, honesty, affection, respect, and space to be. None of that has to make a certain amount of money a year or look a certain way.

When we (women) are our own providers, however, love comes we are able to receive it. When each person is taking care of themselves they can come together and just love, be and love and be.

~Dana Lena’


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