Sis! #12

An open letter to my sisters living with broken hearts out loud with silly men,

I see all of it and know some of it.

I am so sorry that you have endured so much pain and disappointment. Dysfunctional and unloving family dynamics growing up as a little girl that you never healed or recovered from.

Thrust into your teens unprepared, unproperly supported and looking for love in all the wrong places finding misery and bad company as its substitute. Forced into womanhood with a grown woman’s body, a little girl’s mind, and a wounded emotional state.

Unequipped to vet a man, selecting the ones that only brought heartache, despair, and an occasional orgasm. Trapped with kids you thought you needed “his” help raising and trapped again once you look in the mirror and realize you gave a fool your youth.

Now, even though you know how to do better and have seen glimpses of who you are, you are still afraid to trust your own legs. Afraid to stand on your own and of the unknown. Too ashamed to let the lies go. Still wondering if any of the women you insisted on warring with wants him.

Girl, just stop. No healed woman signs up for more pain. Everyone with an iota of self-worth has moved on in every conceivable way.

Heal yourself of whatever has you bound to this misery masquerading as winning. I am here to tell you, real love exists. Real men exist. Loving men exist. They do and what you settled for ain’t it.

I am so sorry that all that has happened has convinced you that you have the best there is to have. Babygirl, you do not.

It is the Universe’s earnest desire that you have a love that is pure. Have the courage to seek it, my sister. Have the courage to turn away from anyone who has intentionally and willfully hurt you.

Love yourself more than they do.

Look at him and ask yourself, is this my best? And deal with your answer.

Lord, have mercy.

~Dana Lena’


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