Paper Marriage and Womancorns

Sometimes I really do feel like a magical, mystical, womancorn.

I had another encounter with another man who wants to own me or possess me in some form or fashion that I tweeted about.

I keep talking about this, writing about this, tweeting about this to sound the damn alarm. Not all women want to be married, despite being desired, chased, harassed, pursued, and accosted.

I know that is hard for a lot of men to accept. The world has convinced them that they are every woman’s knight and shining armor and every woman is sitting in the window of her soul waiting to be rescued. She is in Whole Foods doing her grocery shopping, minding her own business hoping to roll her cart over his feet, and fall deeply in love over the avocados and oysters (aphrodisiacs)!

That is the furthest from the truth and there is an entire international cluster of professional women who are doing their own thing, living their own lives and sharing what they want to share with the men they desire.

Paper Marriage is not necessary or required to do that.

I just want to give a soul shout-out to the Wild Women who are free and will remain free despite the slinging of those circular finger chains.

~Dana Lena’


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