#Love Goals

Many brought in the New Year with #Lovegoals or #Relationshipgoals on their 2022 New Year List.

The most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves. Let us take the time and energy needed to align our heart and head. Our spirit, soul, and body. We cannot manifest out of alignment. Our whole being must be connected and adjoined properly in the spirit realm.

For those who are in relationships, now is a great time to evaluate the relationship in the spirit of truth, not the spirit of fear.

We need to first ask if this person we have connected ourselves to is an in-season God-connection. Who I needed at 19 is not who I need at 49. The man who loved me then is not the same man who could love me now. Titus was every bit of who I needed when I was a budding, forming woman. He was for me then. He is not for me now. Seasons are everything!

What we want changes. What we need changes and sometimes the person changes. It is not because anyone has done anything wrong. We are growing. Evolving. We do not owe anyone permanence. We do, however; owe them and ourselves honesty, vulnerability and truth.

Some people, most people will never get there. They are entirely too scared of what the truth is and what it means but for those who want it, need it, pant after it; it’s just another challenge. Another conquer.

Also, in this age of imposter syndrome, we have to be sure that who we are connected to is not a copy and paste job. That the man or woman before us is not mimicking the characteristics of who and what we need in the grand act of manipulation and selfishness.

When you close your eyes at night, if the person you see and long for is not the person next to you, dear friends you have a ton of work to do. Get to it. 2022 is upon you.



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