Dream Thieves

Dream Thieves are people that attach themselves to lives for two specific purposes. One is to punish. The other is to hinder.

Dream Thieves are of the professional and personal variety but the personal dream thief gets my attention today. You have heard the saying ” You just do not want him/her or anyone else to have me?”

Sure you have. The person who says this or feels this way knows that their intimate connection is just along for the ride. They do absolutely nothing to serve the needs, wants or desires of their partner while snatching every crumb from the table. They often have been wounded in the relationship and this mindset serves them. They are in it to punish and it shows.

For the wounded, it is the ultimate payback. “I am going to get everything I possibly can from you, starve you of your needs and remind you that I am doing it because of what you did to me”. They are the forever victim wielding their “hurt” as a weapon. The other person accepts this behavior out of guilt. They do not really believe they deserve better because they probably don’t.

A person knows how someone feels about them by the other persons level of honesty. Anyone who lies in the face of a heart, does not give a damn about that heart. We cannot have anything significant without honesty. That honesty allows us to evaluate the human before us and accurately assess whether we are their love language and if we desire to love them from a pure, genuine and transparent place.

Honesty affords us the opportunity to be our truth and live our truth. For example, if a person has a very high sex drive, and has to have sex 3 times a day in order to be satisfied, their potential partner or partner should know that. This reveal, gives him or her to the ability to say YES, I can do that, and I want to do that. Or it allows for a moment of truth if the other person only desires sex once a week and anything else is an aggravation or a chore then this is a “we are not compatible” truth moment.

Healthy, healed and whole people find who turns them on 100% of the time. Broken folk, do not.

The broken and selfish soul will continue in this relationship knowing they have no desire to provide that level of sexual engagement. Robbing their partner of the intimacy they need. And this is not a one issuer, it is a thread throughout their existence because this is exactly what lying, selfish, broken people do. ROB people of authentic, meaningful, blissful, orgasmic daily living while cheering occasionally.

I have learned that I honor my soul by being who I am, liking what I like, being honest about what I like and who I am and serving myself exactly that. I have twisted and turned in the past trying to make accommodations in relationships that were not to made.

When I align my actions with my truth and honor that, I am rewarded with what I need, want and desire and that my friends is a beautiful state.

~Dana Lena’


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