Monkeys See Monkeys Do


Be True.

The WWW is full of very interesting people. Some are authentic, most are not. We live in a world or imitators and not originators.

I pulled out my journals for the last 25 years and although I have grown, the core of my being is the same. My writings reflect the same core values. I wrote a piece over 20 years ago that was published in my local newspaper. The title, Living Successfully Single. It was a celebration of my life as a young single woman and an admonishment for women to enjoy who they are and to resist the fallacy of male completion.

Over 25 years later, my endeavors and writings reflect the same sentiment.

I have always known who I am and what I am to do and in some measure, I have been true to it my entire life. Whether that is mentoring girls, teaching a WO class, serving as Ambassador for Women International or challenging the status quo in religious settings. I am the exact same woman inside as I am outside. I stood for myself when I refused to change my name when I foolishly married, refused to move into any mans house, never allowing a man to spend more than 3 consecutive days in mine, and men who attempt to censor, edit, or adjust any part of my being receive a nuclear response.

A whole lot of people are frustrated because they are trying to imitate some one else’s purpose, anointing. Anointing’s cannot be fabricated or copied. They are God-gifts. Everyone has them, some are quieter and not as glamourous or eventful as others.

One will know when they have tapped into their God-gift when they see the fruit of their labor and a beautiful harvest. Spring after Spring. God-gifts always impact lives positively and those impacted lives want more of it.

If no one is eating what is being served its because the food is not appealing and the cook should not be cooking. An anointed cook always cooks up something people want to eat and those fed are always asking for MORE!

~Dana Lena’


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