Culture Snatch Back

We are a community, a collective family in crisis.

The elders of our community are abandoned and disrespected. Millions of them sit in care facilities and nursing homes because adult children are too busy to take care of them and families do not see the intricate value of wisdom. Information is good. Knowledge is good but wisdom is more valuable than both of them put together.

Millions of children are in foster care because we have a system that removes children from homes as opposed to giving parents or extended family all the resources they need to take care of those children. The state will allocate $20,000 a year for foster care but will take a grandmother who needs assistance with her grandchildren through unholy hell for $200 a month in food benefits.

Children are attacking parents in grocery stores all over America because they want candy and are throwing full blown tempertantrums but if the parent physically disciplines that child, he or she could be facing abuse charges.

Our prisons are full of millions of people serving time for misdemeanor marijuanna possession convictions in the very same states recreational use in now legal. Not to mention, the billion dollar empire the cannabis industry now is.

Our schools are under-performing and not preparing students for life success. These kids may be able to debate and solve 6/2(1+2)= but cannot find their way out of a paper bag.

Men have children that they do not know. Women are trying to raise kids and they are scared little girls in big girl bodies and grandma is not present to help and share her wisdom because she is in the nursing home, remember.


That was in the 80’s.

Today’s grandmothers are popping bottles and living her best life because when she should have been doing that, she was having babies.


So where do we start because the Lord is not coming to save us. We have been equipped with everything we need to save ourselves. The Lord specializes in the miraculous and does not do for humans what humans can do for themselves.

We have to be courageous enough to change course and do the work and stand in truth. In season and out out season. When it is popular and when it is not. When folks want to hear it and when they don’t. I am not going to air kiss an open wound and it needs alcohol and peroxide. I am grabbing the alcohol and peroxide.

We cannot continue to allow sub culture to dominate our culture (black people). We cannot normalize Cardi B. and I have mad respect for Cardi B. I think she is amazing and pure genius. BUT, I do not want the Cardi B experience.

Neither do I want it for my daughter. I do not want it for any daughter. Making the best out of a bad situation or set of circumstances is remarkable. However; that is not a life plan or a parenting plan.

Our culture use to require an education. Going to school, on time, pleasant and prepared was the standard. Now, parents leave for work with kids still asleep in bed behind locked bedroom doors. Lock a door in my house and lose it. I digress.

Men use to wear suits and moved with dignity and grace. Now, too many are in flip flops with socks moving in shame. That cannot be our culture.

Women use to take pride in their appearance. Now, we see more women in public in bonnets than combed hair. That connect be our culture.

We use to pay our mortgage, rent and bills before we went to dinner and on vacation. Now, we eat while bills are past due. Vacation while eviction notices are being filed and want employers to give standing ovations for showing up for work. That cannot be our culture.

Responsible non married parents, use to sit down and discuss a parenting plan and visitation and that would be respectfully honored. Now, most non custodial parents do not have even have visitation rights, let alone a plan and if they do, too many parents don’t even speak. They had a whole kid(s) together and are not healthy and mature enough to be kind. This cannot be our culture.

We have to get back to some basics.

We have to agree on healthy norms without deviation and do what is best for the next generation without hesitation.

In our desire to be free, we have enslaved ourselves and we are paying the price.

We are on fire and there is nothing cute or pleasant about burning flesh.

~ Dana Lena’


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