4 the Culture: Crisis Resolution

Our country is in crisis because our communities are in crisis. Our communities are in crisis because our families are in crisis.

A woman cannot be great if her children are not great. The greatest and most impactful investment a woman will ever make is in those territories her womb established.

A man will not be great if his children are not great. He will fail and fail miserable at every single feat if he has failed at parenting.

Men will continue to be mislead by the vain imaginations of their mind if they do not reckon themselves with the most powerful energy in existence, which is feminine, maternal energy.

Women will continue to alienate men from her greatness if she does not learn to harness her power. Her light will either lead or blind.

People who make decisions that affect the lives of other people must do so with compassion and humility. Every decision made by people who govern or affect other people should be made as if they were those people. Because it is only a matter of karma’s time before they will be in some shape, form or fashion.

A society will never be any more than the people who establish it.


~Dana Lena’


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