The Lies Men Tell and Women Believe

The biggest lie ever told is that men are providers and protectors, especially as it relates to the institution of marriage.

I do not know a single woman who is married that has been protected by her husband. Every married woman I know, is lied to, cheated on, embarrassed and neglected. They have endured what no woman ever should and wear those scars like badges of honor.

There is no honor in being mistreated, disregarded and humilated and there wont ever be.

Too many wounded women can be wheeled back in with some grocery store flowers, a silver tongue and a few bags of sand.

Sand, to cover their heads with.

I do not know any men who are providers. I know men who take care of themselves and have a live in companion or a wife who does what he needs her to do to keep him comfortable and who rolls over when he taps, but that is birthed out of his own selfish motivations…

It surely does not come from any desire to “give” her a better a life. I do not know a single man who has said to a woman, “I want to deed you a house. A gift to make your life better. Live in it and be merry and I do not want a key”.

Hell no. Men say, “Live with ME. And let me know every stop you have to make when you leave work because you need to work to help pay these bills but I am your provider and I need to know where you are all at times so I can protect you in the realm of my thoughts in case you are kidnapped from your nail appointment. I am not a controlling psychopath, I just love you”.



In 2021, every credible statistic says that professional single women live longer, are happier, are more traveled and have more orgasms.

Married men live longer than married women. Just let the heaviness of that sink in. Let the weight of the reality of being caretakers to heavy ass male beings sink all the way in.

MOST men spend their lives being reckless, irresponsible, and lose dicked and when their mortality starts to set in around their mid 40’s, they straighten up just enough to remain comfortable while they have robbed the women who have tried to love them of her bliss.

They realize they will need a caregiver, and appear to become more “husbandy”. It is all a performance. It is all self preservation and and attempt to rewrite their treachery and maintain their mediocre comfort.

As these women fade into aging, they realize they have given their best years to a man who did not give her his.

I am a champion for Unwed life. I am the poster woman for women being who they are unapologetically. Living her best life on her terms in the home(s) they own. Having their partner share their life in a beautiful synergy of respect, adoration, love and equity.

Professional single women live longer. Are happier. More traveled and have more orgasms. Let that sink in beautiful people and #goals accordingly.

~Dana Lena’


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