As I sat to pen this piece, I pulled out my dictionary and googled the definition of right. I absolutely love the dictionary. I travel with one and I Google because Urbandictionary.com cracks me up and has created new words/terms and definitions for old ones.

I reacquaint myself with the meaning of words to ensure I am writing, speaking in the correct context. I was surprised to learn all of the varied means of the word, right. So many, I could not settle on a definition that would serve as the foundation for this piece.

You can find some of them here for your own edification.

We all know what right and wrong means, yet we often try to make wrong right as it relates to intimate relationships for a host of reasons. We are either too embarrassed to admit we made a mistake especially if we made the same mistake twice, do not want to disappoint our family or children, are complacent and comfortable in mediocre living, too lazy to invest 100% in our own happiness or simply too cowardly to be alone.

Whatever the reason, being with the wrong person will result in being in the wrong place all of the time.

The right person will grow our lives and we will grow theirs. Opportunities, will abound. Bliss will abound. Favor abounds. New experiences abound. Love abounds.

Our souls are actually flourishing and not in a perpetual state of healing or apology.

The right person does NOT wound us and we do not have to apologize for being.

The wrong person will have you living in the wrong country, in the wrong state, in the wrong city, on the wrong street in the wrong neighborhood. Working a job, the wrong job and often feeling as if you are missing something…because you ARE missing something.

That something is your ordained, purposed life.

Do not underestimate the importance of YOUR suitable companion and being equally yoked. Your life depends on it.

~Dana Lena’


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