There is always a story for the conqueror. A lesson to be shared with others.

I have a life full of testimonies and some misguided folk would be thrilled if I stopped sharing some of them.

Because these particular accounts reveal facts that further expose or wound those who were either defeated or removed from my life.

There are people who left my life that I am grateful left my life. There are men who ‘broke up with me” in their imagination that I am glad broke up with me. There are girlfriends I thought I had that were only around for what they could steal or get.

When I look back at them, every area of their lives are in some stage of pitiful, broken, stagnation, delusion, struggle or ‘missing something “.

Those men are fragments of who they were when I was sharing my healing energy and growing hands with them. Those girlfriends are still writing bad checks with cable in someone else’s name, buying crap they can’t afford and renting someone else’s house.

I once needed help and now I grant help. I once needed healing, now I am a healer. Everything that I once needed, I am in a position to give.

I soared in a pandemic. My children are thriving and every garden in my life is producing a harvest.

I will never stop doing the work and I will never stop telling my story.

There is power in the test, greater power in the testimony and bounty in a blessed harvest.

~Dana Lena’



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