Comfortable in Your Skin

In this cosmetic glam era, women and girls have to be intentional about building confidence and worth because this culture is not.

This culture teaches us that something is wrong with every part of our body.

It sells a product for almost body part, starting with our head.

Wigs, weaves, eye lashes, lip injections, botox, liposuction, chin lifts, neck tightening, breast implants, tummy tucks, thick thighs, vein removal, butt implants, cellulite treatments, knee skin removal and ending with an acrylic big toe nail.

Oh, let’s not forget the vaginal steaming to accommodate the small dicks of the world.

We have to be full from our own edification and high on the natural morphine our body produces to navigate a culture that says we do not wake up good enough.

I intentionally headed to the pool today with conditioner in my hair, no makeup and damn near naked.

I do not see any “no sunbathing” signs.

Every woman within my radius is going to see what “being” looks like.

As my daughter rocks her natural curly fro and unshaved arm pits, her Mama is right behind her bouncing every bit of this 165.

I eat what I want. I don’t wear anything that makes me uncomfortable. I ride my bike because I like to and I haven’t worn a full face of makeup since I stopped working for Estee Lauder 30 years ago.

I am not the least bit concerned about my 3rd wave of puberty. I am headed into my 50s with enough ass to sell but this is exactly what this piece is not about.

~Dana Lena’


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