Clayton County GA: Our Sheriff

Clayton County GA Beloved Sheriff, Victor Hill was indicted and pending trial. Thiefnor Brian Kemp suspended him with pay (lawful), pending the outcome of his trial. He then maybe sorta maybe leaked the panel review that recommended the suspension (unlawful).

Victor has enemies. Powerful black men normally do.

Victor has supporters. Effective leaders normally do. But I want to cut through the noise and make a few things clear. Under Sheriff Victor Hills leadership, the following has occurred:

  1. Crime is at a historic low. In my city, violent crime is non existent. Our major issues are petty theft, car break ins and some graffiti on the walls.
  2. Property Values are at an all time high. Everything I own has at least doubled in value.
  3. Our county has TWO rock-star performing schools. The only county to have any south of Atlanta.
  4. Victor Hill has never been found guilty of any crimes and he certainly has not killed anyone.

His special units, one specifically designed to deal with perpetrators of domestic violence is extremely successful. His drug task force is so successful, gang members packed up and moved to Fulton and Cobb. One was brave enough to give a masked interview to the news media, “We are moving our operations of out Clayton County, courtesy of Victor Hill”.

He was elected unopposed. Senior citizens adore him. They know if they call, he will answer. Some single moms need him. His mentoring programs have saved many. Troubled kids have avoided having to face his wall because he single handedly got their little behinds all the way together while their fathers were where? Missing or facing some wall.

Haters gone hate.

It is amazing that those with the most to say are in those districts where their kids are buying drugs at their schools water fountain and those kids parents are tap dancing in front of Judges to prevent their children from facing a wall. The same districts with confederate flags waving in the face of the black community and they go into their over priced, rented houses and Tweet about it.

Interesting to see that the county that brought the win home for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris home is under RED attack.

Whatever you have to say about Sheriff Victor Hill, his results stand and he has not stolen any elections or arrested any leaders fighting for voter rights. As for these civil rights violation accusations, see who one of the accusers are and how he ended up in the sheriffs jail in the first place.

For those who want to come for him and the rest of the Clayton County leadership, tread lightly. It ain’t over until its over.

He may not be sitting in the big chair but his deputies are still his deputies and they got numbers with the right names on them. For all the Twitter fools posting they can now cut up and act a fool in Clayco, you may want to rethink that. Those arms still got reach and snatch.

~Dana Lena’


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