Go and Get YOUR Girls! Part 2

I tied all of this up very neatly in an Auntie Nae Nae video and my DM started blowing up because there are problems with the video. Technical difficulties so let me get right to it. My kids are waiting on me.

Our girls are lost. Our girl women (females between the age of 18-29) are lost. Too many were forced from their homes because their mother was shacked up with or married to a bum.

A bum because he failed to make her children comfortable. They were people who were in his way. People he accommodated and tolerated. People who would not give him a Fathers Day card if his life depended on it.

These girls fled as soon as they were able to do so. Equipped with nothing but a lack of respect for their mothers and disdain for her “man” they went to grandparents, aunts, cousins, roommates and here we go, boyfriends. They were trying to build their lives without the skills, support and synergy needed to build their lives.

We see them all around us. They were mothers before they were equipped to be mothers (very much like their own mother) and they are clueless in Seattle and every other big city and small town. They are twerking, flashing and assing just to keep the lights on. They are void of love, direction and purpose.

Stuck in a generational curse that they did not initiate and lacking the spiritual fortitude needed to break it on their own, they need their mothers.

They need their mothers to get her raggedy self together and provide a place for them to receive what she was too barren to provide when she was supposed to be forming them. They need their mothers to be a place of refuge, guidance and safety. Their mother will have to leave that bum if she is still with him.

No man on the face of this earth is more important than the beings she birthed. No man is worth the sacrifice of generations. No woman NEEDS anyone more than she needs herself and her children. Anyone who declares “you need me” isn’t needed. They are simply saying it to convince themselves and hoping someone else will believe it.

We can’t go back in time. We cannot undo the past. We can however fix it. We fix it by fixing it. Our girls will cease being lost when their mothers cease being lost.

It is impossible for responsible, self sufficient, knowing women to release wounded girl women into the world. It is impossible for a loved girl to end up turning tricks and sucking dick for a living. It is impossible for a girl who was loved and adored to evolve into a woman who is not loved and adored. It is impossible for a loved girl to be a mother at 16, 17, 18, or 19 unless she was raped and decided to have the baby. I guess there are those arranged marriages between children and men but I said LOVED GIRL…

So how do they fix it?

This isn’t something we can throw money at or write a check for. Parenting requires parenting and the time for parenting never really expires. It gets a little more complicated with adult children but if they still need raising, they still need raising.

Raggedy woman who want to redeem themselves and redeem their children can start by securing that safe place. A safe place for herself and for them. When girls have a home to go to, they will.

-Dana Lena’


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