BEWARE! Your Life is on the Line.

Taking advice from a fool will result in a fools life.

Advice 101: Only take advice from people whose advice has worked from them. Examples: Never allow a man who is in debt and living paycheck to paycheck admonish you on how to be debt free or a woman whose squandered her children’s life to give you parenting advice.

That is just plain dumb.

People running around here trying to tell other people what to do and their own lives are a mess. Peel back the layers of the person behind the keyboard, behind the blog, behind the shitcast and you will understand why they are hiding and making up stuff as they go along.

When I see it or hear it, I will blast it.

See something? Say something. Hypocrites, liars and thieves are not safe around me. Ever.

As for me, I am who I say I am (this is my real name) and I do what I say I do. My Gram is real and my titles and deeds have not been forged. Need receipts? Just ask. Or better yet, inbox me.

~Dana Lena’

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