After Trayvon

After Trayvon Martin was killed for walking and eating skittles, I took my son and my daughter into our local police precint and had a conversation with the Captain after we introduced ourselves and he met my children.

Police engagement is necessary in order to build relationships. I shared this with a few people and wrote about it. Almost ten years later, I see my position is gaining traction and being implemented by someone it was shared with.


It takes a strong woman to lead. Sometimes it takes years for people to catch on and follow but lead nevertheless.

When you are light years ahead do not be humble. Remind folks if you did it, said it, conquered it or invented it. They will want to act like they forgot or don’t remember all while they suck on the residue of your anointing like a leech.

Leeches leech. Thing is they do not have their own life source, blood supply. Just a bloodsucking worm person who preys on or clings to another.

Eventually they fall off and die.

~ Dana Lena’


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