1st Thing 1st, Black Man

The very first thing black men must do and do right is to take care of his children. When I say take care, I mean that in every sense of the word. Take care of wholly. Wholly, means whole. Emotionally, physically, and financially.

Secondly, he must honor the mother/mothers of his children. By honor, I mean honor. Exactly what Webster’s dictionary says. To hold in high esteem, reverence.  To build her up when no one else does or will. To parent or co-parent in the spirit of love, respect and admonishment.

But he can do neither, if he does not love himself. Not a feigned love. Not a love that strokes his own ego or delights in his own thoughts. A love that believes he is good enough without anything added or taken away. A love that does not have to be fed by vices or randomness. A love that raises him to his best self. A love that has freed his soul of “trying to be” or “needing to be”. A love that stands on its own legs and does not need any external validation.

I saw today that UK Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is hospitalized after a gunshot wound and she is in critical condition. I was expecting to see that a lunatic who opposes the freedom of African people as the culprit.  Nope. She is likely the victim of gang gun violence.

A stray damn bullet. Rival damn gangs.

Black men are all over the place. Running their mouths, scratching their balls and playing with their dicks. Too many are not in place.

Place: Taking care of their children. Raising their children. Educating their children. Building generational wealth. Creating and fostering a life experience that does not involve a young black woman in critical condition because their sons are running around the streets playing “bang bang”.

Wake the hell up black men. Too many of y’all are out here pretending. The world sees you and the world laughs.

I am NOT amused.

-Dana Lena’


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