Church Closings…Good?

A few days ago, I read an article that a friend of mine posted about churches closing all over the country. Over 300,000 churches are projected to close in the immediate future.

This friend is a international gospel “artist” and was lamenting about God being defeated.

At that moment, I put him in the far away associate box.

First of all, if you believe God exists and believe in God you know that God does not lose.

People lose.

And people lose for a host of reasons. Disobedience. Refusing to grow. Refusing to change. An unwillingness to identify seasons and adjust. A lack of wisdom. Failure to acknowledge truth. I can go on and on.

God is ineffective in the life of man not because God is ineffective but because God has given woman/man free will and man has a right to chose her/his life and will live out those choices.


Spirit God is a compass. We either follow or not. Listen or not. It really is that simple.

Now, as it relates to all of these church closings I am not shedding one tear.

They need to close.

They need to close if they are not doing the work of Good.

The work of Good, lifts people up. It edifies. It teaches God-consciousness. It feeds the hungry. Takes care of the the sick. It houses orphans and take cares of the elderly.

The work of Good does not pimp people with the 10% Old Testament Covenant Rule, it does not live in mansions and drive Rolls Royce’s while its members are on welfare and in food lines.

The work of Good does not tell people to give it 10-20% of it’s income and God will bless you. God cannot be manipulated. The Spirit of Truth knows our heart. We can’t pimp God into a life of abundance.

These serpents are not blessed. They are thieves. If 100 people gave Jon ten percent of their income, Jon would live fat of the hog too, That has nothing to do with Jon being blessed but everything to do with people being a damn fool.

Reciprocity is a spiritual law. When we give, we get back and we get back what we give. If I have a hundred loaves of bread, righteousness tells me to give away 99 loaves of bread! I am not to put 99 loaves in my deep freezer only to pull it out and it to be ruined by frost. Righteousness, shares. It gives and gives warmly and with kindness.

Our motive should always be to be a blessing to others, not to be blessed. The latter will always back fire.

I see all these closings as a backfire.

Religious people have become consumed with buildings and keeping the lights on in buildings. That is NOT a New Covenant model that Jesus endorsed.

In the New Testament we will not see or find any admonishment or instruction from Jesus to build any new buildings. We do however see the Messiah build people so much so, he said to Peter “in you I will establish a good work”.

What was that work?

Going into streets telling people that they are loved. Going into homes and meeting the needs of the people in that home and leaving them with an offering and not taking one. Living a life worthy of honor and just being good to people.

If the people in the buildings have failed to teach kindness, love and acceptance they need to close. If they have failed to uproot racism in the heart of its members they need to close. If they have failed to give more money to suffering people than collect money from suffering people, they need to close.

And finally, if their doors are only open two days a week (when an offering is involved) and the are absent from the community they are sanctioned by God to serve, the building should not only close but be torn down.

In Jesus name!

~Dana Lena’



Matt. 16:18, Matthew 22:37-39, Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 11:42, John 15:12, John 15:12, John 13:34, Mark 6:7, Acts 20:17-20, Acts 2:46.

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