Hip-Hop Pulls for a Giant

DMX has the voice of thunder, the heart of a lion, the vulnerability of one who knows pain and the dichotomies of a man who is lost and found.

I became familiar with DMX as I leaned into the life of Eve, his labels Ruff Ryders first lady. She got my attention as a forming young woman when I saw a picture of her in a leather mini skirt with a leashed pit-bull. Whoever this chic was riding with these dudes being cute and thug, sexy, feminine and masculine called my attention from whatever I was doing at the moment.

In comes DMX with this voice that sounded like the God-voice in those ten commandments movies I watched with my mother every Easter weekend. I never really got into his music because I am a die hard Tupac lover, and can only do one chocolate bald head man at a time but I enjoyed his raw energy whenever it crossed my ear and eye gates.

Years later, I watched him struggle with his faith, ministry and music. Yesterday, it was reported that he almost died.


Drug abuse is the cry of the suffering and the manifestation of deep seeded seated pain.

I sent the above video to my precious son who is a musician as a cautionary tale. My heart broke as I listened to how a man introduced a child to crack!

Listening to X talk about his life after getting released from institutions at 14 broke my heart into another piece. I sat back and wiped away tears thinking about all the little black boys who have filled beds and still fill beds in prisons when they need to be at home. They just needed, need someone to genuinely love them. Someone to invest sincere time and energy into them. Someone to show them love and to show them no. It does not need to be biological parents although it should be but it can be anyone.

Any good person can rescue the life of a child. Any good person can.

I am praying for X. I am praying that he fully recovers and raises in power. God is still in the miracle working business. I pray one is in store for this prodigal son.

-Dana Lena’


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