Congratulations Hannah!

Celebrating your 13th birthday with you by far was one of my best life experiences.

Showing you how you are to be treated as a growing and developing young lady is my joy as your mother.

Watching you delight in the airplane take off, checking into our suite, waking up watching the sunrise over the river and set under unseen stars gave me so much joy.

Your freedom is intoxicating. I watched you dance new dances, handle snakes, try new food and love new people.

You are an amazing soul with beautiful energy. You wake everyday excited and full of optimism and wonder.

You are the child I wish every child could be.

The innocence, laughter, joy and brilliance. I do my absolute best in protecting you. Who you are and who you are to become.

As long as I am breathing, I will allow no one to hurt you.

Go forth in this new phase of your development knowing that your Mother is one arm, your Dad is the other and we got you.

So go ahead. Explore. Run. Jump. Leap. Be who you are and who you are becoming without hesitation, censorship or inconsistency.

And if there is ever a time I am not near, your Creator, your God is Omnipresent . Trust what you know to be true. Trust Spirit to guide you. Listen daughter. Closely. God is inside of you and the God in you will always tell you what to do.

Always. Without fail. Hear and Heed and never be afraid to do what you must do.

Forever yours,


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