Poetic Reflection

I do not know even know how this happened.

Fate, I guess.

How you became my daughters father.

I did not even know you when she was conceived but you knew me.

Years later, you heard me say that I wanted something and you replied ” I will give you anything you want, What is it that you want? What is it that you need?”.

My heart, heard you.

I am not an easy woman. I do not normally comply. I follow my own compass. My own guide. I listen to me.

I really did not need anything. But my daughter, needed a father to love her.

You answered the call.



And it looks like forever.

God only knows where I will be tomorrow. I am known to wander but I can wander in peace.

Because you got “her”. You honor the most important thing to me.

I love you.

I will always love you and you can always count on that from me.



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