Poetry in Motion: Welcome to Heaven

She realized she was more  when she starred in the mirror and saw Gods glory in her eyes

She knew her authority when she told violent dogs who were charging her child to stop and they obeyed

She new she was a god when she breathed life into a man who was dying and with her own hands healed his barren ness and set his soul free

She knew she was a healer when she laid her hands on a body ridden with fever and within moments the fever was no more

As a young girl she was intrigued by fires flames not knowing she was a certain kind of fire

Fire can purify and it can destroy

Fire can serve as light and it can bring the darkest darkness

Fire warms and it burns

It will take some time to wield it properly

Those burns do heal

With time

Creator God whispered in her ear

You are created in my image in my likeness

Do not be afraid to be who you are

Cease the fearing of your splendor, your majesty

Stand in the seat of your soul

And take yourself in

She sits up to hearken her ear

To the One who shepherds her soul

And then goes back to the mirror to see

The beauty, the bruises, the brilliance, the burns

Remembering her man is in her bed

She crawls back into bed and sits on top of the one who wants to know

He desires and to explore her soul

She pulls him up and close

Closer and in

Deep and then deeper

And as he moans in her ear

She moans back

Welcome to heaven

-Penning the Poetry

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