A Love Note to Black Men #1

Western civilization and religious indoctrination has done a number on black people. Black men particularly. Captured Africans who were forced into slavery knew what freedom was but their offspring, those born in America did not.

They did not know their history, their name, their power. They were robbed of the majesty of the sunset over the Sahara and the bounty that their shores produced. They never saw the pyramids, the healers, the mathematicians, the scientists. They never saw women leading armies, doing the hunting and village building.

All they were told was what their oppressors told. Imagine being taught who you are by the same energy that put you in chains. Imagine being guided by the same energy that forced you into servitude. For the Diaspora, imagination is not required.

Miraculously, as a people we were able to escape physically and were deemed free but those teachings about who we are and we are not, are in our mental DNA.

What is particularly disturbing and concerning are the ideas and doctrines that exists within our relationships, our homes, our communities. The closer I get to freedom, the clearer the bull shit becomes.

Too many are too far from free and it’s depressing.


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