12 Inches: Jezebel

I am always in a funk after I leave Miami and it takes days, sometimes weeks for me to shake the blues.

I really need to live near water and I chose to settle in Chicago because I have a riverfront crib but there is nothing like 90 degree days and palm trees. I have toyed with the idea of living there but my next move probably will land me outside of the country.

When I got home, Sammy was waiting for me. I was irritated because he used the emergency key that I gave him that is only supposed to be used in cases of emergency. Missing me is not an emergency.

When I walked through my front door and found him lying dick up in my bed, I was aroused immediately despite not wanting to be. His 12 pearl black inches are hard to resist.

Like a virgin…every single time.

We had a very long conversation after I decided to give him what he came for.

I would make him want me and need me more as I placed his fullness in my mouth while spinning on the tip of his tongue. As his juices dripped from my lips, I made him promise not to ever show up again unannounced.

“Baby, don’t make this hard for me. You know what this is”.

-She Stories

Dana Lena’

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