Some Women Do

The Georgia Real Estate Commission adopted E-Notary and E-Closings to address social distancing guidelines and still allow for the Real Estate Train to keep rolling. It is a move that will probably sustain well after we go back to normal…whenever that may be. Whatever that may be.

I am sitting at the closing table (my dining room table) and the notary asks me “Are we waiting for your husband”. I looked up from my Fed Ex document packet and said “I am my husband”.


In 2020, we are still battling these archaic, misogynistic views on what women can and cannot do. In some states, married women cannot buy property without their husbands consent. This notion that women have to have a man to be financially secure really really enrages me. The thought that women need men to make sound decisions is the biggest mind fuck (outside of that white Jesus foolishness) in human history.

The being that taught the other being how to go potty and keep food in his mouth needs said being to tell her how to run her world?

Not only it is a fundamentally erred belief it is a false one.

Most married women have to work. Need to work even when their husbands are beating their chest claiming to be “heads of households”. Men have failed and failed miserably. If we really examine this “life is better with a man” nonsense, we will see that it is not.

Note 1: We can love a man and not be married to him. Note 2: We can love a man and not live with him.

Soaring debt. Unpaid bills. Living pay check to pay check is the reality for many co-habitating folk and the number of children (all children have fathers) who live in poverty is astonishing.

Beside that, studies are now showing that single professional women fair much better than married women. Ah snaps.

The fall of Patriarchy.

Men can be beautiful beings. They do some things only they can do but this is not “that” piece.

I am known to be a bit “extra” at times and I rescheduled my E-Closing with a note to assign a notary who respects and values all humans or at least one who knows when to shut the fuck up.


Wrote fuck.

They apologized and understood the strong language. Will see someone else tomorrow. Hopefully an empowered woman or a quiet man.

-Dana Lena’


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