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It is true that women have a very hard time giving and receiving compliments. Very rarely do women take themselves in and hardly ever do they allow others to do so.

I was speaking to a old lover-friend the other day and he said “My God, you are simply amazing”.

I responded ” My God, you are absolutely right”.

As he relished in my confidence, my inner critic challenged me and tried to suggest that I am cocky.

I shut up her up and reminded myself that I am everything that I am.

I do what I say I am going to do. I produce what I say I am going to produce. I breath life into what is dead and revive what is dying. If someone wants it to grow, they put it in my hands.

One of my clients businesses was dying due to Covid. I gave him my rate and told him to post date my check for 90 days. If I did not do what I said I would do, I would take him to dinner and tear the check up but if I did what I promised, he would take me to dinner and add to it.

He agreed.

He took me to a masked dinner last week and I cashed the check.

There is only one me and can’t no body do me like me.

Bad bitch.

Yeap. I said it and it is more than okay to do so.

Dana Lena’


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