Community & Culture C-Notes

Dear Black Community,

We celebrate Kamala Harris today. The first Black- Asian American Vice President. A woman who owns her own name and stands on her own legs. She never fails to honor her mother, the woman who lifted her up and told her that she would be the “first” to do many things but not the last.

We celebrate Stacey Abrams for flipping redneck Georgia blue. Brian Kemp as Secretary of State stole the governorship from her. The very seat he sits in now. He stole 300,000 votes by purging Georgia Voter Rolls in blue counties and he won by 65,000 or so votes. Stacey then served Georgia 800,000 voters through her voter registration initiatives. My democratic county was the one that flipped Georgia Blue. We turned out in historic numbers.

We celebrate Keisha Lance Bottoms the mighty mighty mayor of the Dirty Dirty South, ATL. The woman who has stood on the front lines during this pandemic demanding the safety of her citizens and Atlanta business owners. The black woman who told Donald Trump who was planning a visit this summer “when you get into my city, put on a mask. I mandated a mask policy”.

In retaliation, Governor Kemp the same Kemp who stole from Stacey filed a lawsuit against her which he later dismissed when she did not flinch.

We honor our forever FLOTUS, Dr. Michelle Obama who is rock solid. President Obama credits part of his success to her. Dr. Obama lifts our girls everywhere she goes. Hugging them, reading to them, sending them to school and wiping their BOO BOO’s.

We can’t celebrate black women and neglect and fail to protect our girls. Our Michelle’s, Kamala’s, Keisha’s and Stacey’s were little girls first. Black men, to you in particular I say, you cannot rave about our women and not have a hand in raising our girls.

Our girls are the future generation of warriors. All Mighty Women start here.

-Dana Lena’


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