Bone Honest

A friend whom I love dearly, read my “She Needs You” post and called me to say “GIRRRLLLLLL”. She thinks she knows everything about me but she doesn’t. Hell, I do not even know everything about me. I learn something new every single day.

She loved the post but she went on and on about how she could never be that honest and how her husband would kill her if he knew half of the stuff she does when he is out doing what he does.


I listened and reminded her that’s the life of lies she chose.

There is no man on the face of this earth that I will to lie to in an effort to “keep” something. My provision is my job. If I lie it is because I have a truth to delay (that will preach later).

Secondly, if a person is not interested or capable of knowing the real me, why would I be there?

Why would I bound myself to a person, place or thing that I can not be who I am, 100% of the time?

And for those “what will people think” queries…I do not give a damn.

My God knows it all and if God knows, surely who the fuck is the them (collective) that I should be concerned about again?

People and their opinions are just not that important and serve no role in my freedom and they should not have a role in anyone else’s.

-Dana Lena


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