Another Mans Name

In the black community, there is a bunch of chitter chatter regarding the emergence of rappers in politics.

Ice Cube, Diddy, Kanye and 50 Cent have come under fire for their political views and participation.

I do not agree with these dudes politics but you know what they all have in common? They are present in their children lives and they take care of them.

ALL of them.

Some dudes always have a lot to say about men who are doing something and a solidified moron recently commented that black women do not trust black men because of the likes of Ice Cube. WTF?

He can’t be serious but folks, I am afraid that he is.

There is no empirical or statistical evidence or common sense view that even hints that what black rappers do or don’t do affect the trust levels of black women.

What does speak to that trust level is the role of a father in a girls life. Black men who are fathers and who are absent in a girls life contribute to a child’s trust issues and the present and loving parent must replace that absence with love before it becomes a rooted issue.

Fools runs around social media lecturing people and have children that they do not know, debts unpaid and issues unresolved.

The need for public validation is intense when one fails privately.

Folk hope they can use another mans name to draw attention to theirs. They are social media whores, getting on their knees hoping the mention of Diddy, Cube or 50 will get them a like, a comment, a view a something.

The question “why don’t black women trust black men?” is a valid one but it requires self examination and correction and that is entirely too much work for folk who talk all damn day while accomplishing nothing but a record of their stupidity.

A man who loves me says “men do not pay attention to other men. Boys do that. Men are too busy being. If the person I am talking about does not know my name, why tf would I be mentioning his”.

Real talk from a real man.

Sage advice for those in need of it.

-Dana Lena’

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