In the closet

In the closet has been a phrase normally used to describe people who are hiding their true sexual identity but I dare to say that many heterosexual couples are in the closet.

They are in the closet because there is significant information about them that their partner does not know. There are fetishes’ that are hidden, desires that are suppressed, dreams that are unknown and parts of personalities that can’t breath.

Some people get up every morning and stare their lying selves in the face while greeting the person next to them with some kind of good morning.

Couples are dreaming of past partners or one that they really want. They are cooking dinner, paying bills, raising kids, going to work, getting lost and dreading going home because the lies are choking the very life out of them.

People are busy being busy so they won’t have to sit quiet with themselves or the person that they claim to love. I am not even sure how any of that works because love requires 100% truth, 100% of the time.

Love starts with ourselves. When we love ourselves we honor ourselves and we honor the truth that we know and we pursue that truth until it actualizes.

Anything less is a life wasted because lies have been given the breath to live.

-Dana Lena’


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