The Frolicking of Social Media

Social Media has turned into a curse for some.

It can easily convince us that we are being impactful and all some of us are doing is being noisy and wasting time.

Covid has revealed just how unprepared and fragile some Americans are. Living paycheck to paycheck, desolate and in despair without a savings and at the mercy of landlords and a unbothered government.

I say this in love.

If you do not have enough savings to live your current lifestyle for 6 months, social media is making a fool out of you.

If your credit score has you at Pars 4 Cars or a second chance program, social media is making a fool out of you.

If you do not have a retirement portfolio, money saved for each child, and paid off vehicles, social media is making a fool out of you.

If media activity does not yield your hourly wage (salary divided by 2080) for every hour you are engaged…you know the rest.

This is not the time to be playing productive. This is the time to do the real work.

Next time you speak see how much you earn. Next time you Tweet, see how much advertising money you are generating. Next time you podcast, see your views and count your coins.

Hours on social media and involved in media activity should produce if you are aligned with your purpose.

Clarity: Purpose is not a desire to want to do something. Purpose when rooted in passion produces revenue. Period.

You wouldn’t work a job and wait longer than 2 weeks for a check so don’t fall into this trap.

The time spent doing what results in nothing can be time spent getting paid to do something.

It’s grind time…not playtime.

Another crisis is coming. Will you be ready?

-Dana Lena:


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