Just Like This. Wait. More.

My paradise trip awaits.

I ordered 8 bikini’s for my vacation. Size large.

They arrived and they are a little small. I am not sure if this is quarantine weight, almost 50 weight or just Dana loves to eat weight.

Whatever it is I am better than okay with it.

I am healthy. I yoga. I walk. I ride my bike.

I have absolutely no desire to have iron hard abs or a 18 year old body. I had an 18 year old body thirty years ago and it was cool for an 18 year old.

As I tried on each suit, I noticed back fat. I think it is sexy as hell.

Give him something to rub his fingers and tongue over.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece called ROCK YOUR NAKED and commenmerated it with a picture book full of beautiful naked women because acceptance and appreciation of our bodies is critical.

Crucial to our overall wellbeing and confidence.

I can’t return these bikini’s and I am certainly not going to diet or exercise binge so I can fit them. No, this fabric will adjust to me.

I have duly noted that my ass is now an XL and will order accordingly but in the meantime, I am going to continue to love my body. Its changes, moods and swings.

This body evolved from a cell. Developed into a human. Evolved through puberty. Formed to enjoy sex. Birthed two humans. Evolved some more. Endures the daily toll of life. Fights unhealthy elements. Overcomes sickness and disease. Now, getting ready to leap into menopause.

How dare I torture it? Not appreciate it? Complain about it?


I love every juicy bit of it. Make sure to love every bit of you.

-Dana Lena’


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