Not a Prayer

Donald Trump has Covid.

The man who has looted America, neglected and abused children, raped and violated women, threatened minorities and emboldened racists wants respect and honor because he is sick.

And people are of the opinion he deserves it.

Well, that isn’t how life works.

Donald Trump deserves and has earned the same fate as the 210,000 dead Americans he put at risk.

He earned the respoñse he is getting.

He mocked Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia. He mocked a reporter for being disabled. He mocked one of Vice President Joe Biden’s sons drug addiction. He mocked another son’s military record.

He mocked Joe Bidens speech impediment. He laughed at those of us who wear masks.

He is a vile being who will reap every bit of his vileness. American’s do not owe him sympathy, well wishes or prayers.

Donald Trump won’t be genuinely loved and adored because he does not genuinely love and adore.

And he sure in hell is not respected. We (66 million Americans) want him gone.

However that is accomplished is alright with me.

My soul will be quite well.

Dana Lena’


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