We have to spend time sitting in our selves to know what is best for ourselves.

Two things were important to me as I was rebuilding after my divorce. Home ownership and my children’s education.

The county that I reside in had some challenges a few years prior that were more political than actual. I knew we had a solid NEW administration and I knew home values were going to increase due to some projects that were in the pipeline on the southside of Atlanta.

My realtor was agitated with me because I wanted to stay in my county so my son could attend Stilwell School of the Arts. She had never heard of it and my loan pre-approval amount was pushing her to push me north as her desire to introduce me to one of her clients, “the perfect man for me” she said.

I did not want to go north. Primarily because the homes are not worth the money and you get cheated on land and hype does not impress me. I was convinced that this performing arts school on the south side of Atlanta was the best school for my musician son. I knew it would be in step for my dancing daughter if this is still our primary residence when she enters high school.

Sound decision making turns me on.

She shook her head.

I did not care.

I bought my home on almost an acre of land for what I could not get a studio apartment for north. Finished basement, new rehab, front porch, back deck, studio trailer and a two car air conditioned garage. Equity is through the roof!

My son was trained at this school on a music scholar level. Graduated with a fine arts seal diploma and a skill set that caused scholarship bidding wars.

The school my realtor ragged on has just earned the coveted blue ribbon award and boasts a 100% graduation rate and a 100% college acceptance rate.

Stilwell is one of 367 Blue Ribbon Schools nationwide as announced by the U.S. Department of Education. A total of nine schools in Georgia earned the Blue Ribbon designation for 2020. Stilwell is one of two high schools designated and becomes the second CCPS school to be named a Blue Ribbon School.

Guess what ain’t on the list? Any of those schools she claimed was superior in the north. Guess what I am about to do with all this equity? Cha chingy ching ching. Guess what little girl already has a place at the school they now CHARGE folks outside the district to attend? All those north people at the door.

Guess who ain’t house poor? Guess who building some thangs?

Guess who do not have man issues, man shortages, or man problems?


-Dana Lena’


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