self awareness and hypocrisy

What should have been opposed to what is.

This political climate is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.

The lack of empathy, support and love for people is a direct result of -self awareness.

The lack of righteousness is the direct result of -self awareness.

People who lack self awareness are deprived people. They feel as if they are “better than” when in reality they are worse off. It is that selfishness that causes them to cut off their noses to spite their face.

We are a nation of immigrants yet too many of us are unwelcoming of immigrants.

We are 4% of the worlds population yet incarcerate over 20% of the worlds population refusing to see the profitability of the prison system and how it replaced modern day slavery.

We are one of the sickest (physically not well) modern civilizations, yet many are fighting against universal healthcare.

We hoard most of the worlds wealth yet millions of people are hungry and sleeping on our streets.

Thousands of children were snatched from their mothers arms and are still in cages and people are screaming about the right to say Merry Christmas as opposed to Happy Holidays completing ignoring the fact that Jesus came to set the captives free.

The very fabric of our democracy is being threatened by voter interference and suppression and too many are just “peaches” with it because it serves them.

I have always had a deep disdain for hypocrisy and people who fail to live by their own judgements. Those are the worse people of all. People who fail to acknowledge their misgivings, missteps, shortcomings, failures and issues are those who are doomed to repeat them.

I use to be alright with that outcome.

Reap what is sowed but that can’t be the resting place anymore because the reaping is spilling over. Too many hypocrites are affecting too many lives.

Joe Biden must become the 46th President of the United States. America is at a crossroads. She will either go back to who she was 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 years ago or she will continue to evolve and become more of the beacon of light to the world she is capable of being. She denied herself the opportunity to start off right when she rejected the first Lady of Liberty and to this day she is still denying herself.

America is very much like you and me. Our decisions affect our everything.

Just who are we going to be?

-Dana Lena’


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