A Jezzy Reflection

This trip was more about reflection than partying. I was tapped out after my weekend with Sammy. I did not realize how tired I was until I sat down and did not have to do anything. This is the first trip I have ever taken in my adult life that did not result in a hookup.

There was plenty of MIAMI MEAT but I was simply not interested.

Dyna did see Titus a few times and that may be promising. She is good woman and she deserves the very best but she will only get it if she believes she can have it.

Delilah is coming home with me. My guest room has had her name all over it for a while and finally she will REST in it. I cannot wait to see what she becomes without the baggage and disgrace that is Bobby.

That man has embarrassed her in every way imaginable, but thankfully; she is off that ride. She is a successful attorney who would have probably made partner by now if she was not attached to his bum ass.

I just found out via email that the magazine has partnered with Black Girl Magic FEST to host a retreat in Ghana! I am so excited about that and I have been tapped to speak so I have to get my mind all around that.

I think I want my segment to focus on personal happiness and being responsible for that happiness. I think alot of women make the mistake of assigning that responsibility to someone else and when we do that, we give that other person control over our lives.

We essentially say to them “Hey, you know what is best for me. You know what is better for me than me so you make the decisions that affect me”. When we say that out loud we can hear how ridiculous that sounds but women do it all the time.

Right now we are all laying around the beach as if we are not leaving here tonight. It is always hard to leave this paradise but one day soon, I won’t have to.

-Dana Lena’


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