Delilah’s Exit Strategy

It is a lovely evening.

Jezebel arranged for us to have ocean side massages and a 12:01 am toast.

A toast to my new beginnings, my new life and I here for it!

I sent Bobby an text message telling him to be gone before I returned. He has called me a hundred and one times but I have not answered and will not answer.

I am not going straight home after the trip. I am going to stay with Jez for a couple of weeks. I have cued in Miss. Jenkins my nosy neighbor who is the “elder” of the street. I told her what was going on and she said

“Good chile. Now that you are leaving him, you should know he has all kind of tale in you’re house when you are at work. But I did not want to be the bearer of that news. I just prayed that God would let you see through open eyes”.


Even my 90 year old neighbor knew.

It is really insulting and embarrassing when your man does not care enough about you to keep his mess away from you and your people. It really is a testament to his lack of respect for you and his failure to safeguard your heart.

She will call me when she sees him moving out.

I will wait him out. No drama. No teary good byes. No opportunity to beg to stay.

Its bad enough to cheat on me but to be so irreverent and disrespectful is revelatory.

Miss Jenkins words were like fire in my ears. She was my final confirmation…not that I needed one.

This trip has done my soul good. I developed my action plan and it is in full gear.

We toast tonight.

Tomorrow I go new phone and new phone number shopping and line up a locksmith, a painter and order new furniture because I will not sleep another night in a bed that has his bitches sweat in it.

Miss Jenkins will be my first call.

The power and gas will be turned off within 72 hours as well as the wifi. Earlier today, I created new emails and deleted all social media profiles and if he thinks he will harass me at work, my boss has already agreed to allow me to work remotely due to Covid and all of our court cases are on hold.

I want him gone and gone permanently.

I am much stronger than I gave myself credit for. Much stronger and I will never allow any man to treat me badly again. I won’t be bitter but I will be better.

All things new!

-Dana Lena’



  1. I find your writing to be engaging with subtleties that never escape the reader. The revelations are also quite interesting. Caught me off guard with parts of this one.


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