Mom Moment

I was talking to my son during our daily download and he shared his plan which included participating in some gaming tournament with a few members of the band.

When I asked the name of the game and whether it was violent he said it wasn’t and reminded me and his roommates ears that he is 18.

I laughed and said “And” to which he replied “Ma, I am just saying. Its not violent and I do not have the stomach for gore”.

I reminded my beautiful son that he has to guard his soul at 18 and 118 and that my Mama Bear does not have an expiration date.

I could hear his roommate in the background saying “WORD” . Evan is going to learn to keep me off speaker phone.

Nevertheless, I gave him the Pitcher of Poison example. You know its poison. You know it will kill you but you decide to just take a sip here and there. Why? For what reason?

To prove to yourself that sips won’t kill you. You need to drink half a gallon?

That is silly.

That is dangerous.

Any amount of poison will harm your soul and body on some level and to entertain it and play with it is just the stuck on stupid version of ass backwards.

After my sermon, he shared with me the many poisons he has denied while on campus and his reasons why. Drugs being one of the chief.

I listened with a heart full of gratitude and thanks.

Spirit God has my son. Encamped all around him. But if he ever chooses not to listen to the God within and around him, he will have me. In his ear always reminding him to be his best self.


Because that is what people who love you do.

-Dana Lena’

Penning Mom

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