Dyna, Delilah & Jezebel Girltime

We are all finally here. It feels so good to connect with my girls. We need the isolated and dedicated time together. Jezebel is so busy with work and those men she juggle like circus balls. I really do not know how she does it. How does she keep the names straight? I would have to have names written in sharpie somewhere. LOL

But it works for her. She lives a beautiful life.

Now that we are all settled, Delilah says she has big news to share and I cannot wait to hear and support her in whatever her next move is. God knows she needs some happiness because that Bobby has humiliated her, embarrassed her, brought diseases home to her and just really made her feel lower than low.

I hope this news involves moving on from his sorry ass.

One of our sister rules is honesty. We give it to each other straight, no chaser without the “going to hell” judgement. But we do judge each other in a healthy way.

In order to improve a thing we must judge a thing.

Dyna, girl you better preach! That is a whole word right there!!!

The penthouse is busy this morning. Swirling with latin music, cuban coffee, and platters of food. Titus, sent over everything on the breakfast menu and we are going to eat every bit of it.

He is such a sweet man. I enjoyed our rendezvous before the girls arrived and I plan to enjoy him more over the next few days. But that has to wait because we have dates with massages, shopping, dancing, laughing and who knows what else!

-She Stories

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