Sammy’s Letter: She-Stories

I am thrilled to touch down in Miami. Due to Rona, the wait for a Lyft was over an hour so I bit the bullet and dropped a $100 for car service. I cannot wait to get to the girls.

I have been thinking a lot about Sammy’s letter. I want very much to give him what he wants which is exclusivity but it has to come from a pure place. He cannot demand that I not do anything or do something and to be honest, I am not sold on the idea of monogamy. I just do not think it is possible. Sustainable for long periods of times but I could be wrong.

This I know for sure.

Demanding anything violates the spirit of woman/man. The will of woman/man. The being of woman/man.

I want to love from a pure place. I want to give what I give and do what I do from a place of pure desire…not because I have to or expected to.

Having to do anything violates my spirit code.

I love him and I want him to know that I love him and feel that I love him. We had an amazing time together. Our conversations took my breath away. Our lovemaking took my breath away. The salaciousness of our relationship keeps my pussy throbbing. When he his near and when he is not. I had an orgasm on the plane just thinking about him…us.

The energy we share in our Mind Space is amazing and he challenges me to grow and be my best self. He was a little extra this past weekend.

He was trying to prove something to me I think.

He was trying to prove that I do not need to entertain Trey and I don’t need to. I just want to.

I told Sammy that I am committed to us. We will always be who we are but please do not try to force me into boxes with limitations. I will adopt the fencing when I feel it needs to be erected.

I hope he will trust my evolution. Trust my process. Trust my committment to be my absolute best. Trust the Divine Hand that is on my life. I will get to whereever I am supposed to be….please just let me get there on my own.

I have to get there on my own.

Sammy baby, hear me in the bowels of your being. I am here. Just trust me.



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